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Cultural Costumes Software - White Sands Primary
2 Pasir Ris Street 11, 519075 Singapore

White Sands Primary Software - Cultural Costume

This software is a great immersive educational tool for students in learning traditional cultural costumes for countries in Southeast Asia. It teaches the students on the origin and style of costume.

Technology: Students will be able to capture a photo using a computer webcam. The application will be detecting face in the captured photo and merge into the costume photo automatically. It also allows the student to adjust face area, brightness and contrast so the merged photo will look natural. The students will be able to save their own merged photos and view in the photo gallery.

Platform: This application is a Chrome App which means it can be installed and used in various operating system and screen sizes. It can be used in the teacher laptop, school lab PC or even on a touch screen kiosk.

Who should use this software? All schools in Singapore, heritage galleries, and historical events are recommended to use this application as part of the interactive learning component. White Sands Primary is currently our first customer to use this application.

Live Demo: Call us at +65 6358 3672 to request for a live demo or drop us a message now!